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WowWee Joebot Unboxing and Review (Page 1 of 2)

Just in time for the 2009 holiday season comes Joebot, the latest offering of robotic goodness from WowWee. Joebot is another biped platform and is slightly smaller than the original Robosapien. Like the Femisapien, Joebot ditches the standard remote control interface for easy to use "joystick hands". But WowWee didn't stop there, Joebot is the first WowWee robot to be controllable with verbal commands. Just speak key phrases into his microphone and Joebot will dance, sing, play a game, talk back, go on patrol, or even act out a battle scene in which you can "shoot" Joe down using any remote control (even your television or stereo) with dramatic (and comedic) death flair.

Joebot's Arrival

As always, I'm not the only one looking forward to the arrival of a new acquisition.

It's Joebot! And, you guessed it, there was much rejoicing.

A much smaller package than many previous WowWee robots, perfect for disguising what it could be if you have wrapped up previous members of the robosapien family as gifts in previous years.

Unboxing Joebot

Joebot comes in a smaller box than I was expecting from a WowWee humanoid. Instead of the giant rounded bubble window of old, Joe has a standard square box with a window, and a "Try Me" hole to reach in and poke one of his fingers for a demonstration. This also means that Joebot comes with batteries, which would make it the first WowWee robot I've ever had that arrived "ready to go".

Historically, liberating a WowWee bot from its packaging was quite a daunting task, involving a few hand tools, knives, lots of coffee, torn cardboard, and maybe even a bit of cursing. Thankfully, this isn't the case with Joe.

As expected, Joebot is tethered in place with multiple wire ties. Just grab your wire cutters and give them all a snip, Joe will fall right out. No extra screws here!

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