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WowWee Roborover Review (Page 1 of 3)

That's right... the Roborover is now in stores inside the USA and can be found at Toys-R-Us, and soon at Target. The first sighting that I heard of was in California so I went the next day to check out the rumor here in Jacksonville, FL at one of our many Toys-R-Us stores. This was a bust so I checked out the web site and nothing their either not even a coming soon ad.  I waited for a few more days before returning to our largest store here and... YES!!! There he was sitting among all the R/C toys. 

I returned to the store when I was ready to buy, but to my dismay, he was not where I found him a few days earlier! With my tail between my legs, and head hanging low, I asked a store clerk for help (you know how hard this is to do, guys!) The kind lady told me that they had moved them around and placed them on the back wall, and she led me right to him.  I had walked right pass him at least 10 times and it gets better, he was at eye level and on the same shelf as the Crash FX and the LightStar was which I was checking out the Crash FX when I got there. Now that's a kick in the pants for ya!

During checkout the clerk asked me if I wanted to purchase a warranty for him. I ask the clerk "For what? I'm just going to rip him down anyways and make a few mods to him, which will void the warranty anyways". And for all the hackers out here you know what I mean. You should have seen the clerk's eyes almost pop out of her head when I said that!

Getting Roborover Home

The first thing to do with Roborover is, of course, install his batteries after removing him out of the box. The Roborover holds 4 C batteries underneath him and 3 AAA batteries in his remote. The location and directions are on the bottom of the box and also in the manual. Box bottom is shown below.

His on button is on his right lower back of his track. Once turned on, he will introduce himself and may give you some tips on what he can do. Roborover is an explorer robot and very curious about his surroundings.

Without even touching the remote, he will start moving around on his own; of course, you can stop him by pressing the stop button on the remote.  However, that's not all that the stop button can do.  By pressing and holding the stop button for about 2 seconds you will hear his volume lower and if you continue to hold the button down it will lower again then back to high.  So yes, he does have a 3 mode volume control which I have only seen before on the RoboQuad.  His voice is very similar to the Tri-Bot's voice, sounding like a young child that is eager to play and explore.

His arms are posable to some degree, rising up and down. The waist is also the same way. His head is animated by a push rod that runs down to his track base and a motor and connected to a gear system that will move it right and left, and the face with those large eyes light up green along with his smile when he talks.

There is a new feature on the remote that the other robots do not have, and that is a trim dial used to correct his forward movements.

The seek function, or "follow me" button, is also back on the remote. A lot of people enjoyed using that function on the older robots.

Another new function that I like is his headlight. Just press the button on the remote and use his search light to drive in the dark, as if you were in a dark cave exploring! Remember: the Roborover is an explorer, so let your mind take you to another place away from the city life and find new treasures whereever you go!

Now let's look at all the functions the Roborover has. I know that I told you some of the features but, let's really list them down in order.

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