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Evolution of WowWee's Rovio: From An Idea To A Revolution In Telepresence (Page 1 of 4)

With all the interest swirling around the recently-released Rovio Mobile Webcam, we have gone through the WowWee archives to offer you an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the evolution of Rovio, the wireless mobile webcam that lets you be in two places at the same time!

The first release in our exciting new WowWee Technologies line, Rovio has gone through a number of changes from its initial inception to the finished product, as you will see from the images below.

We hope you enjoy this comprehensive look at Rovio’s development!

Please Note:  This article is best viewed using the Image Gallery feature.  You can progress through each image of Rovio's metamorphosis by starting here.

You can also skim each section below, and start viewing the gallery starting with the section you choose, by clicking any of the images.  Enjoy!

The First Rovio Prototype

Early Prototype of WowWee Rovio

The first prototype of the Rovio was essentially an IP camera screwed onto a mobile base.

The Second Rovio Prototype

Early Prototype of WowWee Rovio

The next evolution of Rovio involved a neck-mounted camera, on a sturdier base.

Coming Together

Early Prototype of WowWee Rovio

Please move forward to the next page to see Rovio's early mechanical development...

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