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WowWee Chatterbot Review: Hilarious, Wacky, and Customizable, Too (Page 4 of 6)

First Experience with the WowWee Chatterbot

Now, the moment you've all been waiting for... hearing the Chatterbot speak for the first time. I plugged in the unusual creature, his (and her) LED eyes lit up, and I heard the dog belt out the words "Good morning, sunshine!" in a pretty decent New Yorker accent. This was off to a good start!

Pamela Anderson, SpongeBob, and My Chemical Romance... the Chatterbot Reacts!

After that, he didn't do much - of course not, because it's designed to react to what you do on your computer. So, I looked through the lists of keywords and picked some amusing ones. After starting up OpenOffice, I typed in some interesting keywords...

Typing in "Pamela Anderson" spurns the Dog on to state "hubba, hubba" (among other various things, all equally worth it.) Many other keywords, including the ones listed above, cause the Dog to throw out countless humorous and relevant quips to keep you entertained. I won't give them all away here, because I want you to experience it for yourself :)

There's a HUGE list of keywords that he will react to, as well - so I'm guessing that one could go for months without hearing the same phrase twice, depending on how much one uses their computer, how much they type, etc. etc. The voice of Dog is well acted in a strong New York accent and is quite suitable for his character. The bodily function sounds are exceptionally hilarious, and worth the price of admission alone.

WowWee Chatterbot Cat

I brought up earlier that I'd come back to the Cat. At first, I incorrectly assumed that the voice of Cat would be male, but in fact, turned out to be a female voice. I think I thought this based on the appearance of Cat. One way or another, I have to make specific mention of the quality of Cat's voice acting. Clearly, this is the best (or one of the best) feline-styled voices I have ever heard. (I watched a lot of cartoons as a kid, so I've heard a few.) It's generally very well done and acted out: clear, and full of distinctive, snarky personality.  If I had a giant bulldog sitting on top of me, I'd be a little edgy myself.

After listening to how Dog and Cat play off of each other, I now understand the significance of their relationship, and why it's so funny! It's especially hilarious when Dog breaks wind, and Cat follows up with an "Eww! Gross!" or similar quip.

Let's move forward to some customization options...

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