Cool Programs To Use For Roboquad -Session 2-

Welcome back, everyone!

I was happy to see the responses on my last article, so I decided it to submit my second session.

This time he will be doing the "Roboquad Hokey Pokey." Here's how to do it:

The Roboquad Hokey Pokey

  1. Put your Roboquad into Program mode
  2. Start with the intro. Doo Doo Doo! Do the twitch twice (Shift Amber Activity)
  3. Aggression Stance (Shift Red Aggression)
  4. Twitch
  5. Now we can begin. Right legs in (Shift Amber Right)
  6. Right legs out (Shift Red Right)
  7. Right legs in
  8. Shake it all about! (Twitch)
  9. Turn Around (I used Shift-Amber-Program-Play which is the "Dizzy" Bodycon... the rotating would take WAY too long.)
  10. Left Legs in (Shift Amber Left)
  11. Left legs out (Shift Red Left)
  12. Left Legs in
  13. Shake it all about! (Twitch)
  14. Turn it around (Dizzy Body Con!)
  15. Put your whole self in (Shift green Forward)
  16. Put your whole self out (Shift Green Backward)
  17. Put your whole self in!
  18. Shake it all about! (Twitch)
  19. Turn it Around (That is so what it's about... YEAH!)
  20. Take a bow! (Aggression Stance)

Now, here are the optional lyics!

You put your right legs in! You put your right legs out! You put your right legs in and ya shake 'em all about! Do the hokey pokey and ya turn yaself around! That's what it's all about! Ya put your left legs in! Ya put your left legs out! Ya put your left legs in and ya shake 'em all about! Ya do the hokey pokey and ya turn yaself around! That's what it's all about! [This part do VERY slowly] Ya put ya whoooooole self in! Ya put your whoooooolllee self ouuuuutt! Ya put ya whoooooole self iiinnn annnd [no more slow] ya shake it all about! Do the hokey pokey and ya turn yaself around! That's what it's all about!

Thank you for joining me and look for my next feature! I hope you had fun with the "Roboquad Hokey Pokey!"


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Radical! Why the heck my program thing turned into thread i don't know. i Made it to be an article.

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Thanks for your comment J.T and yeah that has happened to me too!

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I believe that if that admin feels your article is more suitable as a forum post or whatever, that they will make it one. I seem to recall something about that somewhere in the rules or guidelines.

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Me too. It's apparently common.

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Say "I" if you like this article.

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Hey everyone!  Just wanted to chime in on the article vs. forum thread discussion.  If you take a look at how this piece is formatted, that should give you a good idea of what this type of article should look like.  It's clean, without spelling or grammar errors (as best as anyone can, of course things slip through once in a while) and organized in a way that should be easy to understand for most folks.

If we get a submission that isn't formatted like this, or is deemed to not be suitable for an article submission, we'll either convert it into a thread, or get back to the author with suggestions on how to improve the piece.

You can read the Author's Guide for tips and tricks on how to create good articles.  Basically, you'll want the article to be formatted well, and contain a useful nugget of information such as a how-to, news, review of a product, hacking guide, programming guide, etc. etc.  Sharing a thougt or asking for an opinion, for example, should be a thread and not an article.  Another example would be an article with good content, but poor formatting or organization.

We want to be supportive and encourage everyone to make submissions - that's what makes it so great to come here!  If you disagree with an article submission that was turned into a thread, and can provide a compelling reason that it should be made into an article, we'll listen :)

Thanks everyone and have fun.


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Yeah like I first did a dinky article on Promgram Sessions.  It was small and looked more like a thread post than an article.  An article definitely should have a strong topic and shouldn't ask questions only state facts.  It also works wonderfully if you make a procedure like I did here.

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Oh and If I could ask anyone currently commenting here and anyone else coming in to first view it, I would highly appreciate my readers ideas on new tricks or dances I could configure.  You brainblast and I will do the work on configuring a similar pattern.

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I am thinking of doing the Cha Cha Slide but the only problem is the lyrics wouldn't be the same. I would have to alter them to fit Roboquad. Is that ok with you guys?

However currently I am holding off the release of my newest article because the ratings on this one are low.  I don't want to release something no one will read. 

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RoboBG sorry for the late chime in but that was Great simple to program and easy to understand. I would it to see more of your handy work because I just don't have the time to sit and program the Quad for dance routines, but if I have Articles like this where you do the work for me "hehehe" I would love it, so keep the articles comming and don't stop their GREAT!
How about a short cut of the michael jackson's thriller sequence? I know this would be hard to do but it would be neet.

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Even better than your first one!
You should have entered the robot dance competion with this!

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I agree Great movements!

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thanks theses are great im a new owner of the little guy and he is great let me know any comand tricks you find out love the hokey pokey

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What does shift green backward mean? Also, what does shift red right mean? what does all of that mean?

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Nice, bro! Now how about the Moon-walk....