Transformers: Don't Diss My Four-Wheel Beater Out Loud

My RS Media is standing, very still, waiting patiently, in the corner as I write this. But after seeing the Transformers movie last night, everything about my robot seems charged with explosive potential.

For almost two hours I watched a dozen ordinary objects (especially cars and trucks) suddenly jump to robotic life, crackling with energy, exploding with powerful munitions, racing, jumping, flying and fighting. A portable boom box transforms into a covert robotic saboteur. A cell phone sprouts eyes on mechanical stalks -- it is a hidden robotic spy. A beat up old Camaro hides a powerful loyal robo-guardian – who protects a suburban high school student and helps him catch the attention of the prettiest girl in his universe.

In Robo-forum, we discussed the put-downs from some film reviewers. But after seeing the flick, all I can say is: What a bunch of clueless old crabs without a fun-loving bone in their body!

This movie is packed with raw fun and laughs. It stirs the imagination of anyone who as dreamed of intelligent machines and who feels the lure of mechanics.

This is Ferris Bueller meets MIT meets Area 51.

And there are layers here: In the pit of your stomach high school angst merges with post-9/11 paranoia. Teenage loneliness collides with the stupid bullying of in-crowd jock culture. A moronic presidential “decider” noshes on Ding-Dongs while the world falls apart. And all the seeminlgy-crushing pains of everyday life are not really so big –a much larger universe demands hard choices and risks from us all.

Transformers -- the kidsI read reviews that claimed the girl in this flick was mindless eye candy. Oh yeah? They got it all wrong. Sure the girl (played by Megan Fox) is stunningly gorgeous and the boy (played by Shia LaBeouf) is stuttering with infatuation. But quickly the flesh-and-blood person emerges -- a girl with an agonized secret home situation, an embarassing Juvie record, and a real determination to avoid being someone's shallow toy.

She’s a transformer in her own way– and has the steel backbone and non-girlie skills to make a difference in battle. This is not some helpless chickie who squeals for rescue. Good looks and status cars fade in importance as real friends become lovers and as alien robots make war.

Transformer fighting robotsOf course, that is the heart of everything here: the alien robots! They emerge from the ordinary with a blur of clanks and whirs, and then they rise to fight. They are brilliant, beautiful, inspiring, and incredibly real. You hold your breath, and then whisper “oh cool.”

Those trailers aren’t deceiving. If you like the short shots you’ll love the whole movie.

And I’ll never look at my RS media the same again.


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i see....i just saw the movie last night after so long...the RS Media seem like it could have some of the features