Behind the Scenes at JavaOne: My View from the Wowwee Kiosk with RS Media

Let me start this off bluntly: I love the RS Media.

When I joined the Wowwee two years ago, part of my job description was (and still is) to demo new products and give feedback to our R&D team. RS Media was the first item I explored. Although I do not have a technical background, I quickly became enamored with this entertaining and extraordinary product. When Davin asked if I would come to JavaOne to help with the show, I jumped at the chance! At JavaOne, I was exposed to the more in-depth programming side of RS Media. I now feel even more passionate about him than ever. I may even have to cross over to the tech side to learn more about programming him for myself!

My role at Java One was to demo RS Media and sell him as the Show Device. Our selling kiosk was set up in the South Pavillion of the Moscone Centre while our official Wowwee Demo booth was located in the North Pavillion in the exhibition hall.

Simply put, RS Media was a hit at both locations!

Our R&D crew at JavaOne consisted of Max Bogue (Senior Programmer) and Davin Sufer (CTO). They had programmed and preloaded our demo bots with numerous personalities, customized scripts and cool moves to accompany them.

With his great looks and charm, RS Media attracted everyone walking by and generated smiles, laughs and sales. Max and Davin explained the programming details for RS Media suite software as well as for the Java SDK (Software Developer Kit) CD created by Sun Microsystems specifically to be sold with RS Media for this show. This technocratic crowd instantly understood the value of the hardware, software and technology that went into creating this robot and the accompanying SDK.

RS Media went home with teachers, students of all ages, and business people - all looking for new and creative ways of advertising their own products and to ‘techies’ for their personal use at home. When I asked this last group if their new purchase was for them or their children, they laughed and said they would consider sharing with the rest of the family but would always claim programming rights!

RS Media with the Java robot extension SDK created for JavaOne will soon be available online, in limited quantities at

We will definitely keep Robocommunity posted so they can have first crack at this amazing package.

Gale Yanofsky Manager
Wowwee Customer Service Manager