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Generic Robot Base with RSV2 Attached (Page 20 of 21)

Table of Contents

1. Frame Assembly
2. Wheel Assembly
3. Installing the Motors
4. Fitting the Casters
5. Installing the Motor Controllers
6. Installing Some of the Electronics
7. Making the Perspex Base
8. Installing the Batteries
9. Installing the Electronic Brains
10. Installing the IR Detectors
11. Installing Micro Switch Bump Sensors
12. Installing the Distance Sensors
13. Fabricating Frame
14. Installing Flexi Glow Rods
15. Watch the Video
16. Mounting RSV2 on Base
17. Modified RSV2 Sensors
18. Shoulder Laser Cannon and WIFI Camera Sight
19. Fabricating 12v to 9v, 6v and 3v for the Laser
20. Connecting Power Supply to the Unit
21. The Saga Continues...

Part 19 Fabricating 12v to 9v, 6v and 3v for the Laser

Ok, I have bread boarded the 12v to 9v,6v and 3v using 3 LM 350T variable voltage regulators, This is a bit of an overkill as LM 317's would do. Here are a few pics of the layout and a full how to will be posted when I have checked out RSV2's circuits before I decide on the exact layout of the P/S.

This was a single setup for 9v.

This setup is getting closer to the final stage, First LM 350T showing 9V output for RSV2's driver board and motor network.

Second LM 350T showing 6v output for RSV2's brain.

Third LM 350T showing 3v for green shoulder laser.

A closer look at the P/S, Note the blue led on the left, This is for the 12v input indicator and the green leds are for the output indicators. Aslo so note here in this setup that I have 5k pots to find out what the fixed value resistor to use, The reason I use a fixed resistor in the final design is I do not want the pot to move and cause a higher voltage on the RSV2's circuit, so a fixed resistor will prevent this, even though I could use hot melt glue on the pot. Once I am satisfied with the design I will do the final P/S on perf board.

Well here we go, I have changed the design to 6 LM 350 voltage regs each consisting of a circuit similar to the above one. In the pics above you will notice I originally had 9v and 6v for the driver board and brain of v2 but since have changed this to six separate circuits consisting of 2 x 4.5v, 2 x 3v, 1 x 3v and 1 x 6v. The extra 3v and 6v are for my 35mw green laser and 200mw red laser. The 2 4.5v and 2 x 3v supplies represent the same system using the batteries in V2 as each leg in V2 has a set of wires 4.5v and 3v in each leg, so it was a matter of using the same wires to my P/S.

6 LM 350T voltage regs

6 regs soldered to board.

Power led and plus (+) leads to regs.

4.5v first stage soldered.

3v second stage soldered

A closer look at the two stages.

Third stage 3v and 6v laser supply for 35mw green and 200mw red lasers.

Underside of board.

Final lay out of power supply system with the two laser output sockets.

Underside showing the power wires to plug outputs.

Finally powered up, all systems go. I may have to include heat sinks on all the regs, otherwise they may get hot when V2 is using all of his motors particularly when under load.

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