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Generic Robot Base with RSV2 Attached (Page 19 of 21)

Table of Contents

1. Frame Assembly
2. Wheel Assembly
3. Installing the Motors
4. Fitting the Casters
5. Installing the Motor Controllers
6. Installing Some of the Electronics
7. Making the Perspex Base
8. Installing the Batteries
9. Installing the Electronic Brains
10. Installing the IR Detectors
11. Installing Micro Switch Bump Sensors
12. Installing the Distance Sensors
13. Fabricating Frame
14. Installing Flexi Glow Rods
15. Watch the Video
16. Mounting RSV2 on Base
17. Modified RSV2 Sensors
18. Shoulder Laser Cannon and WIFI Camera Sight
19. Fabricating 12v to 9v, 6v and 3v for the Laser
20. Connecting Power Supply to the Unit
21. The Saga Continues...

Part 18 Shoulder Laser Cannon and WIFI Camera Sight

Two mini servo's 3kgs each torque

35mw green laser, This has been cut down in length,Very tricky.

The two servos mounted together with double sided tape.

Shape a piece of hardwood to the profile seen at left of laser, The laser will slide through the hole.

Laser has been mounted through hole in hardwood and the whole assembly has been mounted on one of the servo discs.

WiFi camera with bracket taken off.

Here is a trap for young players, I wanted to remove the bulky plug and use a flexible wire so the camera could traverse it's axis easily [But]The power socket that is at the end of the camera has a circuit built into the plastic housing [Not quite sure what it does] I suspect it might be a type of amplifier, It has a transistor,capacitor and a resistor.So I had to retain this in the wiring loom.

The whole assembly together mounted on a cd for stability to test.

Side view.

Opposite side view.

Front view.

Top view.

Two front/side views.

Make a alloy bracket from 30 x 90 x 3mm to support the two servos.

Mounted on shoulder with double sided tape.

Close up side view.

Side view.

Here is a teaser using a red 200mw laser below

Red laser in V2's right hand.

Red and green laser beams.

Green 35mw and red 200mw lasers.

Parallel lasers in action.

Be very very careful! These lasers are NOT toys and will blind you in the blink of an eye. Wear safety laser goggles at all times, not just sunglasses..

Watch a video of my laser in action...

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