Roboquad Function Review and Feature Sheet

Well, the big fuss from CES is over now, and I recently got a sell sheet from WowWee on Robquad, and it has some pretty good images of it and the remote. Here is my take of the features listed on the sheet. You may also download a copy of the sell sheet in PDF format.

  • 4 leg motors
  • 2 head and neck motors
  • Lens focused deep IR vision sensor
  • 1 microphone and light sensor
  • Movable in 8 different directions with 3 different speeds
  • Edge detection
  • Sound and vision sensors
  • Ability to change awareness levels.The higher the awareness, the more scanning he does
  • Ability to change aggression levels. These depend on the amount of sensory imput being recieved. More data recieved makes him angry and aggresive. Less data makes him shy and nervous
  • A supposed prolonged battery life
  • The remote seems to be a modified robosapien controller with an 8-way directional joystick. Program mode and program play buttons, and the ability to change his awareness and agression
  • The remote has the ability to access 68 commands. But with the prophesized A.I., it may have more autonomous behaviors.
  • Roboquad is about a foot tall
  • They seem to have killed the touch sensors, which may lead to some bad reviews when this little alien gets out of the box.


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Very good work!