Flytech Dragonfly - My First Impressions

I got a chance to test out the Flytech Dragonfly recently and jotted down some of my first impressions after crashing... umm.. I mean playing with it for a while.

  • It's really light.
  • LED light for the eye is a nice touch.
  • Surprisingly crash-resistant.
  • As advertised in the manual, easily susceptible to light wind currents.
  • Very challenging to fly (that may just be me). Like other RC flying 'things', you don't need to give it too much throttle.
  • High level of satisfaction when you get the hang of it, even when you just string together a few seconds of decent flight. Seems like it would maintain some level of challenge.
  • You definitely need a large area (like a grassy park where you can crash it to your heart's content) in which to learn to use it, then you may be able if you become really good to fly it in a smaller area. Nothing less than at least 15'x15'.
  • Not a WW robot, but a first of its kind RC toy.
  • Range is limited. Don't let it get away from you! Make sure to extend the antenna to its full length.
  • Must recharge when it starts fading or not responding well. Wish it would hold its charge longer, but the time seems about par for similar lightweight RC products.

All in all, I really like it, and am looking forward to taking it out to an open area and trying out the trick that Davin showed off at CES.