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Evolution of the Robopet (Page 1 of 2)

As promised, another 'Evolution' pictorial article. The Robopet is next up. As you will see, for the most part, the Robopet went through a pretty smooth birth from ideas, designs, and prototypes to finished product. About the only thing that seemed in question was how to structure its head and probably what kind of sensors to use in it [the head]. Enough of that, cue the pictures!

PS> Click on the pictures below to see larger versions.

Looks like a robotic stick insect

Still looks like a stick insect, but his legs are more developed


Rough model that's starting to do tricks like putting its head down


A more polished model (and still knows how to put its head down)


Ooh, I have a head now! and more 'guts' in my body


Sit! Good boy.


Let's measure this puppy...

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