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Evolution of Robosapien V2 (Page 1 of 4)

Before Robosapien V2 could impress your friends with his unique personality, dance moves, and bowling finess, he had to start as an idea and evolve into the super-bot he is today. Below is an exciting, behind the scenes look at the evolution of the beloved Robosapien V2. We've got pictures for everything, including sketches on paper, to working prototypes, to the final design.

Given what WowWee learned in putting together the first Robosapien, you'll see that the prototypes and early models are much more refined than its predecessor. It looks like they learned a trick or two, and when you think about how much more advanced the V2 is from the first, it's amazing to think about what WowWee will have in store for us down the road.

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Even the early sketches are remarkably similar to the final design.


Introducing Robosapien V1.5


RSV2 getting mods and enhancements...
"Resistance is futile"

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