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Evolution of Robosapien (Page 1 of 4)

A not-so long time ago... in a workshop far, far away...

Robosapien started as a vision, and became a reality. Here's a behind the scenes look at the evolution of the beloved Robosapien, from sketches on paper, to working prototypes, to the final design.

It can be mind boggling to actually think about what it takes to make something as complex as Robosapien from start to finish. Every part, feature, function, and movement must be painstakingly planned, tried, and refined.

A very early box drawing. Notice the power supply ("D"-sized batteries) already drawn and spec'd out in the feet.




The Tools of the Trade... and a keyboard for those quiet moments...



They experimented powering this robot with ridges potato chips, but you can probably guess whether or not they succeeded.




A very early prototype. Hard to believe that this 'thing' is actually going to become the Robosapien.




A new definition to the term "Y"ire Frame




It's starting to come together. You can recognize the shape and the basic design of the robot.




My first steps.



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